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In Stock - SKU: ACNAIAR-04694

Aria Nail Kit


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The Aria Nail Kit Includes:

・AN-40 SET Nail chip set

・AN-70 Both-sided adhesive tape (5 different sizes, 5 sheets each )

・AN-30 Nail paper (#800,#1500;3 sheets each)

・Two-sided nail file

Easy to use and natural sounding, the ANK-100 Aria Nail Kit is ideal for emergencies to replace a broken nail.

How to apply artificial nails:

1. Smooth nail surface with nail file paper, trim down your natural nails as short as possible and select the artificial nail tips from the AN-40 set which fit your nail size.

2. Select the adhesive tapes from AN-70 that are slightly smaller than your natural nail size, carefully peel off the protective sheet, adhere to nail, and carefully peel off the remaining brown protective sheet.

3. Apply artificial nail tips with the round end of the acrylic tip facing the tips of the natural nail.

4. Cut the excess nail slightly longer than your natural nail, shape the nail with the included nail file, and then polish with the nail file cloth AN-30 yellow #800 and orange #1500.

5. Adhesion gets weaker with water. When you wash your hands be sure to dry thoroughly dry your nails.

6. The artificial nails can be removed easily by using an artificial nail tip remover TP1 (3M Cavilon remover for Skin).

Feel free to contact us with any questions. It’s what we’re here for!