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On Hold - SKU: GUCLFER-07538 - Benito Ferrer

1911 Benito Ferrer SP/CY

Year 1911
Top Spruce
Back & Sides Cypress
Scale Length 650 mm
Nut width 48 mm
Finish French Polish Top
Country Spain
Condition Excellent
Exchange ExchangePlus


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Benito Ferrer (1845-1925) is considered to be the father of the Granada school of guitar making, a tradition that has grown over the years to include such prominent makers as Manuel de la Chica, Antonio Marin, Rafael Moreno Rodriguez and dozens of other well-known names. Perhaps the most famous Ferrer guitar is known to have been played by the young Andres Segovia from 1904 until the iconic 1912 Manuel Ramirez guitar (made by Santos Hernandez in the Ramirez shop) was gifted to him by Ramirez in 1913. It was also a Ferrer guitar from 1906 that was used by Manuel De Falla while composing his beautiful Homenaje for solo guitar.

This instrument was recently bought from the grandson of the original owner. Some cracks on the back were restored in Granada (back and sides were finished in a thin coat of lacquer). Juan Garcia Fernandez repaired a crack in the top, and refinished it in French polish as well as re-fretting it. The head was likely originally a peghead but it has been fitted with a period-set of machines by Gascon. It has a very unusual bracing patter - 6 symmetrical fans (no center fan and no center seam as it is a 3-piece top). It has deep basses, lyrical trebles and has that mysterious "old-world" sound that only a guitar over 100 years old can possess. Playability is easy - it's currently concert ready with great setup and easy action. This is a very rare find and is priced attractively.


1911 Benito Ferrer SP/CY

Francisco Tárrega's "Endecha & Prelude 11" performed by Steven Lerman on a 1911 Benito Ferrer

1911 Benito Ferrer SP/CY

Amazing Grace (Traditional Hymn) performed by Philip Graulty on a 1911 Benito Ferrer