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Heitor Villa-Lobos: Collected Works for Solo Guitar


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Now, for the first time, all of the important solo works for guitar of Heitor Villa-Lobos have been assembled into one convenient volume. The music in this collection has probably been more studied, performed, and recorded than any other guitar compositions of the twentieth century. The reason lies in the fact that Heitor Villa-Lobos was an extremely able guitarist as well as being Brazil`s most distinguished and respected composer. Villa-Lobos was not a virtuoso performer, and the guitar works represent only a small percentage of his total work; but the guitar pieces show an intimate understanding of the technique of this instrument and a desire to use it to the full and to expand it with innovative challenges.

The only twentieth century Brazilian composer with an international reputation, Heitor Villa-Lobos`s great love for his country shines through in the strongly native rhythms and exotic tone colours of his many compositions. They are:

Suite Populaire Bresilienne (1908-1912) 1. Mazurka - Choro; 2. Schottish - Choro; 3. Valsa - Choro; 4. Gavotta - Choro; 5. Chorinho

Douze Etudes (1929) 1. Etude des arpeges; 2. Des arpeges; 3. Allegro moderato; 4. Des accords repetes; 5. Andantino; 6. Poco allegro; 7. Tres anime; 8. Modere; 9. Tres pue anime; 10. Tres anime; 11. Lent; 12. Anime

Cinq Preludes (1940) 1. In E minor; 2. In C minor; 3. In A minor; 4. In E minor; 5. In D major

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