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Sold - SKU: STKNOBL-05946 - Knobloch

Knobloch "Erithacus" Double Silver CX Carbon Medium Tension EDC33.5

Tension Medium


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The ERITHACUS Line is created for guitarists who need a natural, warm and round sound with impeccable intonation, durability, and great playability. These strings are versatile and even warmer than the original Actives line. Designed for guitarists that require an extra brilliance in the trebles tempered with a naturally rounder sound from the basses.

Sound Combination: The bright lyrical trebles are enhanced by the warmth of the round bass sound. The result is a natural, round and lyrical sound. 

Treble Strings: CX Carbon: Brilliant - Singing

Bass Strings: ER Double Silver: Natural - Round

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