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In Stock - SKU: STKNOBL-05944 - Knobloch

Knobloch "Erithacus" Double Silver QZ Nylon Medium-High Tension EDQ34.0

Tension Medium High


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The ERITHACUS Line is created for guitarists who need a natural, warm and round sound with impeccable intonation, durability, and great playability. These strings are versatile and even warmer than the original Actives line. Guitarists will find this set provides a warm sweetness with more edge than when paired with the SN Nylon strings.

Sound Combination: The pure, rich QZ Nylon trebles blend with the natural and round sound of the ER Double Silver. The result is a natural, stable and sensuous sound.

Treble Strings: QZ Nylon: Mellow-Round

Bass Strings: ER Double Silver: Natural - Round



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