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Mak | Bach


Critically acclaimed guitarist Mak Grgic [GER-gich] brings three beloved solo masterworks to a classical guitar refretted in Baroque well-temperament, where each key has its own unique character or "affekt". Alternating with exquisite chorale arrangements, these works gain a depth & vibrancy that has been missing for over two hundred years, and will thrill audiences that were so captivated by his recording of the Bach Chaconne from his previous MicroFest recording MAKrotonal. What a joy it is to finally hear them in all of their original key-colored glory. Composer/critic Kyle Gann has said, “Playing Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier in today’s equal temperament is like exhibiting Rembrandt paintings with wax paper taped over them.” The same may well be said of Bach played on the modern equal tempered guitar.

“Gifted young guitarist…imaginative, expressive playing” — NY Times

“The Bach stands out for Grgic’s fluid tempo relationships, plus his ability to shape melodic and harmonic strands with a clear and colorful perspective”— Classics Today

“Superb” — Pittsburgh Tribune Review

Track List

|1| Chorale • Herzliebster Jesu (:51)

Flute Partita in Am , BWV 1013 (13:38)

|2| Allemande (3:37)

|3| Corrente (3:08)

|4| Sarabande (4:25)

|5| Bourrée angloise (2:23)

|6| Chorale • Christ Lag in Todesbanden (1:16)

Violin Sonata in Gm , BWV 1001 (17:26)

|7| Adagio (4:03)

|8| Fuga (6:18)

|9| Siciliana (4:07)

|10| Presto (2:56)

|11| Chorale • Petrus, der nich denkt Zurück (:55)

Cello Suite in D, BWV 1012 (22:36)

|12| Prelude (5:14)

|13| Allemande (5:15)

|14| Courante (2:37)

|15| Sarabande (3:33)

|16| Gavottes (2:55)

|17| Gigue (3:00)

|18| Chorale • Es ist genug! so nimm Herr (1:28)

Touted as a “gifted young guitarist” by the New York Times, and “a guitarist to keep an eye on” by the Washington Post, Mak Grgic [GER-gich] is an award winning guitarist and a star on the worldwide stage. As a soloist, collaborator and composer, he collaborates with The Assad Brothers, violinists Augustin Hadelich, Martin Chalifour, concertmaster of LA Phil, flamenco guitarist Adam del Monte, 11x Billboard No. 1 pianist Paul Cardall and many more. When not touring, Mak enjoys being involved with the Bosana Foundation, an organization that raises money for Bosnian youth and also regularly awards education-furthering scholarships to select students across South America.


Mak | Bach

Mak|Bach - Well-Tempered: J.S. Bach - Violin Sonata No. 1, BWV 1001