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In Stock - SKU: GUCLLOP-07403 - Marcelino Lopez Nieto

1965 Marcelino Lopez SP/CY

Year 1965
Top Spruce
Back & Sides Cypress
Scale Length 655 mm
Nut width 52 mm
Finish French Polish
Country Spain
Condition Excellent
Exchange ExchangePlus
Luthier Marcelino Lopez Nieto


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The late Marcelino López Nieto was one of Spain's most respected living builders of the 20th century. He was originally a performer of the guitar, and had been a student of Daniel Fortea (who was himself a pupil of Tarrega). His professional background was initially in cabinetmaking, so given his skill set, it was a natural transition to guitar making, a path taken by many builders throughout history. He befriended Mathilde Ruiz (the widow of Santos Hernandez) after the passing of Santos in 1943, and was able to spend time in his workshop before setting up his own shop in 1947. He is also known for having worked with Hernandez y Aguado in the early 1970's and has since built several "Hernandez y Aguado" models over the years. Although a Madrid maker, Marcelino Lopez never allowed himself to fall under the shadow of the style of the larger, sturdier guitars of the Ramirez school, and always built in the traditional style of Torres, keeping to the smaller body design without the use of double sides, and mostly building spruce tops, with French polish finish.

This guitar, made in 1965 is a great example of the style he triumphed. Condition is excellent for a guitar of this age. Apart from playing wear in the finish, the guitar has no damage or repairs. It is concert ready for any performance situation. It is the first cypress classical we've seen - very rare, but could also be used easily as a flamenco with the addition of a tap plate and the lowering of the action - it's a very versatile sounding and playing guitar - capable of handling virtually any genre of music. This is a fantastic example by one of Spain's most enduring and experienced living legends.

Orfeo Magazine: Marcelino Lopez Nieto


1965 Marcelino Lopez SP/CY

Koshkin's "The Prince's Toys: IV. Toy Soldiers" played by Pardy Minassian