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In Stock - SKU: GUCLCON-07797 - Stephan Connor

2009 Stephan Connor CD/IN

Year 2009
Top Cedar
Back & Sides Indian Rosewood
Scale Length 650 mm
Nut width 52 mm
Finish Oil
Country USA
Condition Excellent
Exchange ExchangePlus


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Steve Connor's guitars have become very popular over the last decade with many top concert artists seeking maximum power while retaining a natural, traditional quality of sound, attracting such players as Angel Romero and Eliot Fisk. This guitar is braced internally with a system of spruce lattices supporting the cedar soundboard. The top is finished in matte "oil" and the body is lacquered. It also features an elliptical-shaped soundport on the bass side rib (with optional magnetized rosewood cover) which both sends more sound to the player as well as affects the projected sound towards the audience. The guitar indeed is tremendously powerful making it a real players instrument (it also has an elevated fingerboard and 20th fret - a high C natural) and would have no problem in any concert setting imaginable - either solo or in ensemble.


2009 Stephan Connor CD/IN

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