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Knobloch Strings are of highest quality, and many great guitarists, including those on, agree. Well, these magnificent strings are now available at the GSI Store, so you too can find your guitar's unique new voice!

Miguel Rodriguez (ex Celedonio Romero)

This is a first-rate instrument from one of the 20th century's most revered workshops and the final guitar built for Celedonio Romero, legendary patriarch of the Los Romeros family and quartet. The tone itself is silky, smooth with deep, powerful basses and thick, weighty trebles.

A True Treasure Trove - Volumes 1-3 Agustín Barrios "El Libro de Oro"

Highly collectible, new editions of Agustín Barrios Mangoré's works are truly something to treasure. Order yours today!

Vol. 1: The Barrios Method
Vol. 2: Studies & Duets
Vol. 3: Arrangements of Other Composers

Hermann Hauser I "Vienna Hybrid"

Arguably one of the more favored styles of guitar in turn-of-the-century Munich were instruments known to be in the "Vienna" style like this particular guitar. It is extremely charming with a vintage style of sound perfect for playing 19th century music, particularly works by Giuliani, Mertz and even Sor.

Jake Fuller "Purnell"

"This is the second guitar I have made with Youri [Soroka's] Cherry. It's lovely wood." - Jake Fuller

As with all of Jake's guitars, workmanship is clean, simple and refined. The sound itself is textured, with ample overtones yet excellent clarity and balance.

José Ramírez "1a" w/Segovia Signature

Incredibly easy to play, responsive and powerful, this guitar has that essential warm, mysterious and moody quality that made Ramírez famous. Apart from Segovia's signature, there is only very minor wear in the finish. Overall a top example of a classic Ramírez with added collectibility.

La Cañada "Catedral 74"

The "Catedral 74" model is based largely on the iconic 1974 Miguel Rodriguez "Churchdoor" owned by Celedonio Romero and now Pepe Romero. The essential elements of the original instrument have found their way into this model including a big deep bottom-end with thick, robust trebles.
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