Virtuoso Guitar Transcriptions


Performer: Hubert Kappel Composer: Various
Category: Classical


ITEM: 00500
Price: $15.00


``Germany`s finest classical guitarist and one of the world`s top players, Hubert Kappel... effortlessly renders Bach`s sixth Keyboard Partita with great musicality, breathing life into it at every phase. Extremely well recorded, `Virtuoso Transcriptions` sets a high standard for contrapuntal clarity and musicality.`` by Jim Ferguson, Guitar Player Magazine

``Only an artist with a perfect technique can even dream of tackling such a difficult and demanding work, one which even accomplished pianists avoid.`` by Frankfurter Allgemeine

``I doubt that there are many guitarists who could even handle the mechanics of BWV 830, let alone present the product as worthwhile music - which is what Kappel does... This is surely one of the most magnificent discs of guitar music to appear for many years.`` by John Duarte, Guitar International Magazine

``In my opinion, there are only two other recordings in the history of guitar recordings which fall into the same category with Hubert Kapppel`s: Segovia`s `Chaconne` of 1948 and `Granados/Albeniz` of Barrueco... it ranks among the very best.`` by Georg Metsch, Nova Giulianad, Freiburg

``Kappel`s Bach is both a technical milestone and an undeniable artistic achievement. Here is one history performance which has not been allowed to get away.`` by Classical Guitar Magazine

``...consign this CD to the masterpiece shelf. This is one of the most powerful classical guitar discs I`ve ever heard. Kappel is no doubt from another planet.`` by The Retriever

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