Spin by LAGQ


Performer: LAGQ Composer: Various
Category: Classical


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The Los Angeles Guitar Quartet, the Grammy-winning ensemble that has spent the past quarter century extracting brilliant music from a rich and organic stew of stylistic and cultural perspectives, takes an eclectic ride with the release of LAGQ Spin. The album marks the third Telarc recording for guitarists John Dearman, Bill Kanengiser, Scott Tennant and Andrew York, the innovative foursome collectively known as LAGQ.

1. "Turn to the Sea" by William Kanengiser
2. "Hidden Realm of Light" by Andrew York
3. "Spin" by Andrew York
4. "Freaky Dancer" by Joe Duddell
5. "Quiccan" by Andrew York
6. "Catwalk" by Bryan Johanson
7.-9. "Night Furniture" by Andrew York (I. Pillow Pretending - II. Chair with Hands for Feet - III. Shadowed Credenza)
10. "Did You See the Moon Last Night?" by Matthew Dunne
11. "Stairs" by David Pritchard
12.-16. "Solstice Poem" by Vince Mendoza (I. Theme - II. Variation 1 - III. Variation 2 - IV. Variation 3 - V. Epilogue)
17. "Stirfry" by Dusan Bogdanovic
18. Bonus Track: "Turn to the Sea" (composer's cut) by William Kanengiser

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