2 Violins & 1 Guitar, Volume 2, Josef Zsapka


Performer: Josef Zsapka Running Time: 1:16:50
Composer: Various Label: Naxos
Category: Classical


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Contains works by Telemann, Capelli, Carulli, von Call, Handel and Kreutzer.

The Trio Sonata, an instrumental composition generally demanding the services of four players reading from three part-books, assumed enormous importance in Baroque music, developing from its earlier beginnings at the start of the seventeenth century to a later flowering in the work of Handel, Vivaldi and Bach, after the achievements of Arcangelo Corelli in the form. Instrumetation of the trio sonata, possibly for commercial reasons, allowed some freedom of choice. Nevertheless the most frequently found arrangement became that for two violins and cello, with a harpsichord or other chordal instrument to fill out the harmony. Although some composers tended to compromise in matters of form, trio sonatas were more often than not either in the form of the Sonata da chiesa, or Church Sonata, with a sequence of four movements, slow, fast, slow, fast, the quicker movements fugal in character, or in the form of the Sonata da camera, or Chamber Sonata, rather resembling a suite of dance movements.

About the performers:
Anna and Quido Hobling studied at the College of Music and Drama in Bratislava and formed a duo in 1969. Quido Hobling won the title of laureate at the 1967 Wieniawski Competition and the couple have performed in many recitals and concerts at several of the major festivals including the Salzburg Festival. In 1983 they were founder members of the Capella Istropolitana, the chamber group of the Slovak Philarmonic Orchestra.

The outstanding Slovak guitarist Jozef Zsapka is a graduate of the College of Music and Drama in Bratislava and, as a soloist, has made many recordings of both Baroque and contemporary guitar concertos.

Jan Slavik is the cellist of the Moyzes Quartet.

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