A Collection of Fine Spanish Guitars - Second Edition


Author: Sheldon Urlik Category: Historical


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Explore the second edition of this fabulous collection and the fascinating world of Fine Spanish Guitars since the 1850s. That is when the guitar maker Antonio Torres of Seville began to build the best guitars yet heard and ushered in the modern era of Spanish guitar building. His designs produced instruments so superior that Spanish guitars have included his concepts ever since.

With stunning color photography and painstaking detail, this book presents one of the world`s most important and complete collections of fine Modern Spanish Guitars. 82 guitars are presented with documentation, technical information and insights on their concepts and significance. This collection is so comprehensive that it comprises a virtual overview and comparative study on the subject. Both classical and flamenco guitars are presented. 3 accurately recorded audio CDs are included for enjoyment and for critical comparative listening.

All of the great makers are represented including: Antonio Torres, Francisco Gonzalez, Vicente Arias, the Ramirez dynasty, Santos Hernandez, Domingo Esteso, Antonio Viudes, Modesto Borreguero, 3 generations of Hausers, Enrique Garcia, Francisco Simplicio, Ignacio Fleta, the Rodriguez dynasty, Marcelo Barbero, Robert Bouchet, Marcelino Lopez, Hernandez & Aguado, Arcangel Fernandez, Daniel Friederich, Jose Romanillos, Paulino Bernabe, Manuel Reyes, David Rubio, Greg Smallman and many others.

Includes 3 CDs featuring recordings on a selection of the instruments.

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