Guitar for Beginners (w/ CD-ROM)


Author: Frederick Noad Publisher: D&H Sales
Category: Instructional/Method


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24 Live Video Lessons as seen on Public Television

Includes 12 CD-ROM discs and 6 booklets

Originally presented on public television, this lesson series employs the latest split screen video techniques to show details of hand positions, music notes, tablature, etc. Now, with the advent of CD ROM movies, it is possible to play the lessons full screen on your computer. In addition, any part of the lesson can be quickly accessed for repetition with the simple mouse controls of Windows Media Player or Macintosh QuickTime. The easy play-along exercises make it a snap to learn music reading as well as guitar tablature and chord symbols. Printed manuals complete the learning package.

Program contents:

Lesson 1: Basics of Technique
Lesson 2: Beginning to Play
Lesson 3: Simple Chords
Lesson 4: Arpeggios
Lesson 5: Learning to Read Music
Lesson 6: Notes on the First Two Strings
Lesson 7: Rests, Ties and Familiar Tunes
Lesson 8: Music in Two Parts
Lesson 9: Faster Note Values
Lesson 10: Malaguena
Lesson 11: Sharps, Scales and Ragtime
Lesson 12: Carulli Study and a Self-Test
Lesson 13: More About Chords
Lesson 14: Introduction to Greensleeves
Lesson 15: Upward Slur, Flats, Changing Position
Lesson 16: Completion of Greensleeves
Lesson 17: Counting Sixteenth Notes
Lesson 18: Rondo by Noad
Lesson 19: The Half Bar
Lesson 20: The Sevillana
Lesson 21: The Full Bar
Lesson 22: Moorish Dance
Lesson 23: Work on Sor
Lesson 24: Self-Test and Information

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS for CD-ROM are as follows:

1. CD player (2X)
2. Windows 95 or above for PC
3. OS 7.1 or above for Macintosh
4. 128 mb of Ram is recommended (64 mg will probably work).

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