Johann Sebastian Bach: Solo Lute Works


Composer: J.S. Bach Editor: Frank Koonce
Category: Classical Publisher: KJOS


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Editions of published music usually fall into one of four categories - Performance, Facsimile, Urtext, or Critical. The present edition seeks to combine in one publication the best editorial qualities of all the above approaches in order to produce a reliable performance edition for the guitar, founded on scholarly principles. Minor changes from the original are identified within the score, and, for some passages, alternative solutions are provided on parallel staves between the main staves. Passages that require more complex alterations, performance suggestions, or critical commentary are marked by asterisks that refer the reader to the notes at the end of the movement. Facsimiles of selected original sources are also provided in the back of the book for comparison.

The intent of this edition is to encourage and assist students in developing an understanding for stylistic and historical concerns in Bach's music. The editor hopes that this work will serve, additionally, as a valuable resource providing new performance options for professional guitarists in search of their own solutions.

There is new information on the original manuscripts, stylistic performance practices, the lute and lute-harpsichord, and other items of interest. Facsimiles of the originals are larger and clearer, and a facsimile of the "Prelude, Fugue, and Allegro," which was not available for the first edition is now included. As in the first edition, there are useful fold-outs to avoid awkward page turns.

Preface to the Second Edition
Editorial Criteria
Reference Information
Sources and Historical Data
The Lute-Harpsichord
Aspects of Baroque Performance:
Stylized Dance Movements
Rhythmic Flexibility
Attempts to Regulate the Dot
Rhetoric and Affect
Articulation, Texture, and Voicing
Original and Editorial Notation Symbols
-Suite, BWV 995
Fourteen-course Lute (Theorbo)
-Suite, BWV 996
The Face of Bach
-Suite, BWV 997
-Prelude, Fugue, and Allegro, BWV 998
-Eleven course Lute
-Prelude, BWV 999
-Fugue, BWV 1000
-Suite, BWV 1006a
Reading the Manuscript Sources
Facsimile Reproductions

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