Mauro Giuliani: Complete Works, Volume 2


Composer: Mauro Giuliani Editor: Brian Jeffery
Category: Classical Publisher: Tecla


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This Volume 2 of Giuliani's Complete Works, together with Volume 3, contains the earliest works for guitar solo which Giuliani published in Vienna, from 1807 to 1810, in reprints of the first editions. Opus 2 is his earliest known work, first published in 1807, while the others followed, though not in strict order of opus number. Many works in Volumes 2 and 3 have detailed dynamic indications which tell us much about the style of performance which the composer must have had in mind. As well as that, they are all works of quality and interest; in Volume 2 perhaps one may single out the lively and interesting Rondo op. 5, and the Caprice op.11. The detailed contents of Volume 2 are:

Op. 2: Six Variations
Op. 3: Three Rondos
Op. 4: Six Variations on "Nel cor pi� non mi sento"
Op. 5: New Rondo in imitation of the sound of the bells of Bologna (allegro vivace)
Op. 6: Eight Variations
Op. 7: Six Variations on a theme from the ballet "Die feindlichen Volksst�mme"
Op. 8: Three Rondos
Op. 9: Six Variations (a fine expressive work, in which Variation 6 is in the form of a polonaise)
Op. 10: Amusements
Op. 11: Caprice
Op. 12: Twelve Monferrine

96 pages. 12 x 9 inches.

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