Augustine "Imperial Red"


Tension: High Tension Trebles / Medium Tension Basses Category: Classical


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Price: $9.99


The Augustine strings were the first commercially available nylon guitar strings, and over the last five decades Augustine has consistently remained one of the leading string manufacturers in the world. The Regals, however, are a relatively recent line which are created with a different manufacturing process. The basses are exactly the same as the traditional blue label strings, but the trebles are the Regals. They are much brighter and more consistent than their traditional counterparts.

The Blue Label is their highest tension, so the Blues tolerate an even stronger stroke before the sound breaks up. They are also brighter than the Reds, but not quite as sweet.

Basses: These basses start life with a brilliant edge and tend to grow into a richer, warmer sound after some play. Their lifespan is average and they take longer than average to settle into tune. However, the intonation is excellent and they allow for a great deal of color variety. They have excellent projection.

Trebles: The trebles are bright and brilliant, and they have excellent projection. The three trebles are more consistent with one another than average, and their intonation is quite consistent. They hold their pitch quickly, and can tolerate very loud playing with ease.

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