D'Addario "Pro Arte" Recording (J51)


Tension: Medium Hard Category: Classical


ITEM: 01622
Price: $19.99


Semi Polished Basses, Natural Nylon Trebles.

These strings are the only ones we carry that have polished basses. These are traditionally used in recording situations because they greatly minimize string noise, even the friction that might normally only be heard by the player or the microphone!

D`Addario is probably the most consistent of all manufacturers, and all of their varieties of strings have extremely reliable intonation. Their recording strings are typically consistent, and this is why we have chosen them as our lone representative of polished basses.

Basses: The defining characteristic of these strings is their strangely smooth basses. The winding is done in such a way as to greatly reduce friction with the string. Somehow this also seems to expose them to degradation more quickly, however, they are wonderful for the short term needs of a recording session. These basses are quick to settle on the true pitch and are consistently in tune. Unfortunately, as is characteristic of polished basses generally, they have a short lifespan. They also are mellower and somewhat quieter than their Pro Arte counterparts. They can be played fairly hard without breaking up the sound, and therefore still have a good dynamic range.

Trebles: The trebles speak very well and quickly and they have excellent projection. The three trebles exhibit much variety with the 3rd string, as is often the case, much mellower than the upper two. Their intonation is tremendously consistent and they have a long life.

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