Luthier "Concert Silver" (30)


Tension: Medium/Hard Category: Flamenco


ITEM: 00628
Price: $8.00


These strings are famous for their endorsement by Paco de Lucia. Because of that, they are thought of primarily as flamenco strings. However, they are excellent for both classical and flamenco guitars. They have a quick response, are somewhat percussive, and have an earthy sound.

The high tension is quite perceptibly more tense than the medium. The medium tension tends to allow for greater percussiveness while the higher tension actually has a longer sustain. The main difference in the tensions with regard to the basses is the greater force that can be applied in the right hand stroke before the string slaps against the fretbars. The high tension tends to be the favored tension for classical guitars.

Basses: These are loud, sharp-edged and quite bright. Still, they are quite flexible, can be easily bent and treated with a variety of vibrato techniques if need be. Their intonation is usually good and they settle into tune fairly quickly.

Trebles: The trebles respond quickly, though their sustain is a bit shorter than average. They are not particularly bell-like, but on the initial attack they are plenty loud. When played quietly, they can be quite sweet. Their consistency of intonation is average, though they have a long life. In this regard, they are similar to the Augustine Traditionals.

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