Savarez "Corum/Cristal" (500CJ)


Tension: Hard Category: Classical


ITEM: 02452
Retail: $20
Web: $9.99


Corum Basses with new and improved non-rectified clear, unpolished nylon trebles - High Tension

The Corum strings use the new and improved non-rectified trebles, but the basses are created with a different winding process that seems to extend their longevity and improve their intonation.

The Blue Card is their highest tension (equivalent to Yellow for their Traditional line). The Blue basses tolerate a louder dynamic than the Red but sound quite similar. Also, the tone color of the Blue 1st string is fairly distinct from the 2nd and 3rd though not so noticeably as with the Reds. Otherwise, the two tensions are fairly similar.

Basses: The tone color of these basses is rich and warmer than the Alliance though their projection is still excellent. Their longevity is good, and the intonation is reliable. They allow for plenty of color variety and subtlety of vibrato.

Trebles: These trebles are made out of a new non-rectified nylon, exclusively produced for Savarez, which have a tension perfectly balanced with the Corum basses. They bring nylon strings indisputable improvements in clearness, expressiveness, long lasting, accuracy and ease of playability.

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