Guitarra: A Musical Journey with Julian Bream


Artist: Julian Bream Category: Performance/Biography
Label: Kultur Format: DVD


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Julian Bream is celebrated as one of the world`s leading classical guitarists. He is featured in this series of eight 30-minute films, shot entirely on location in Spain, playing some of the finest pieces in the repertoire of the Spanish guitar. The programs trace the evolution of the Spanish guitar over five centures, from 1500 to the present day. Together, its music and history paint a rich portrait of Spain and her people. Bream plays in some of Spains`s most significant old buildings and beautiful landscapes, creating through his performances a visual evocation of the culture, history, and society that has given birth to the music. Seville, Toledo, Madrid, Barcelona, the Pyrenees - these and other locations form a vivid backdrop to his playing. Each program travels between Spain`s past and present and includes a wealth of historical documentation - paintings, manuscripts, biographical sketches of the composers, period instruments - as well as film of life in Spain today.

For this series, Julian Bream asked the outstanding Spanish guitar maker, his long-standing friend and colleauge Jose Romanillos to make him a vihuela and a Baroque Spanish guitar and for the first time he performs publicly on these instruments. In episode four, he is joined by another master performer, Paco Pena, who plays Flamenco guitar and talks with Bream about its origin and meaning.

Part 1: The Golden Age
Part 2: The Baroque Guitar
Part 3: The Classical Heritage
Part 4: The Transition to Romanticism
Part 5: The Poetic Nationalist
Part 6: The Spirit of Spain
Part 7: The 20th Century - The Last of the Romantics
Part 8: Rodrigo`s "Concierto de Aranjuez" with Julian Bream and The Chamber Orchestra of Europe, conducted by Sir Charles Grove.

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