Debut by Alma Nova


Performer: Alma Nova Composer: Almer Imamovic
Category: Classical Duo


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Bosnian guitarist Almer Imamovic and flautist Jessica Pierce comprise AlmaNova. Imamovic composed and arranged all the selections on this disc, which reflect his love of sevdalinke, a Bosnian form of romantic song and dance. Pierce supplies warm, clear melodies and broadens the music's appeal. The opening track, "Sarajevo Nights," showcases Imamovic's strengths as a composer and player, featuring spirited rhythms and overdubbed single string lines. The next piece, "Moj Golube," is rhythmically more simple, but no less satisfying, as Pierce executes a lyrical melody, broken up by both solo and double-tracked guitars. Each piece is well developed in terms of melody, shifting tempos and dynamics, often with a more popular sound than one is accustomed to hearing from classical musicians. "Scott's Guitar" is a solo piece for Imamovic, continuing the romantic flavor of the program in a slower, more reflective setting. "Tapkalica" follows, with a pensive guitar introduction, followed by a fast section led by Pierce's flute. The duet takes time to fully develop each piece. Several tracks exceeding five minutes hold the listener's attention, thanks to the compositions, arrangements and flawless performances. I recommend this disc to casual listeners and musicians alike.

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Track Listing:

1. Sarajevo Nights
2. Moj Golube
3. Uzeh Djugum i Mastrafu
4. Theme for Carolyn
5. Scott's Guitar
6. Tapkalica
8. Jamilla's Dance
9. Dinner with J.D
10. Song for Marcus

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