2011 Tobias Braun SP/SW


Year: 2011 Top: Spruce
Back & Sides: Satinwood Scale Length: 650 mm
Nut Width: 51.5 mm Finish: French Polish
Country: Austria Condition: NEW


ITEM: 02816_102463


This is the latest from Tobias Braun, and as usual, he has used some spectacular materials including gorgeous German spruce which is covered in bearclaw and has irregular, yet tight and beautiful grain patters. The wood used for the back and sides is satinwood, which is quite difficult to work with, so most luthiers choose not to use it. Enrique Garcia and Francisco Simplicio were adept with it, and Tobias has been working steadfastly over the past several years to re-introduce it, since he believes that the sound is enhanced. The plantilla and bracing pattern of this guitar are Tobias' own, but he does admit that they reveal elements of two great guitars which have influenced him greatly throughout his career (Luisa Walker's 1924 Santos and a 1912 Manuel Ramirez). Tobias seeks to combine the warm, mellow basses of the Santos with the vivid, clear trebles and a transparent sound of the Ramirez. He also uses a small tornavoz, about 16mm deep, to increase projection and clarity. The resulting sound is not only beautiful, but has tremendous volume for a traditionally made guitar. An interesting aesthetic feature is the use of a key-motif in the rosette, which is borrowed from an ancient stone boundary marker located near Braun's workshop just outside of Vienna (see photo). Braun also uses customized Rubner tuners which are engraved with his initials. All in all, a very unique and engaging instrument.

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