Bach Sonatas- Manuel Barrueco


Performer: Manuel Barrueco Running Time: 58:56
Composer: J.S. Bach Label: Tonar Music
Category: Classical


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Tonar Music proudly announces the re-release of Manuel Barrueco’s BACH SONATAS, originally released on EMI Classics in 1997. This album, which has been out of print for some years, features Barrueco's fantastic arrangements of J.S. Bach's music.

Says Barrueco about his recording and arrangement:

“It is by now common knowledge that Bach freely transcribed his music, and that of other composers, from one instrumental or chamber setting to another.

In this particular instance of transcribing from a bowed string instrument to a plucked one, I have followed the example of his own transcriptions for the lute (or so attributed) of the fugue from the G minor Sonata and of the complete E major Partita from his collection of Six Sonatas and Partitas for Unaccompanied Violin.

Bach was quite free in his transcriptions. Often he would add ornaments, notes, melodic lines and even bars to the scores, as well as improvising on the original material. One such example can be heard here in the last two measures of the Grave from the A minor Sonata. Here, I have used the ending he wrote for his keyboard version of this piece, which suits the guitar much better.

In playing this music on guitar, the more polyphonic pieces especially gain much clarity and fluidity, without losing the vibrato string sound, which is common to both instruments.”

Gramophone says of this album:

"We have come to expect superb performances from Barrueco and in these works we get them. These are performances of dignity and distinction."

Track Listing:

Sonata in A minor, BWV 1003
1.) I. Grave
2.) II.Fuga
3.) III. Andante
4.) IV. Allegro

Sonata in C Major BWV 1005
5.) I. Adagio
6.) II. Fuga
7.) III. Andante
8.) IV. Allegro

Sonata in G Minor, BWV 1001
9.) I. Adagio
10.) II. Fuga-Allegro
11.) III. Siciliana
12.) IV. Presto