Instant Nail Kit by GuitarPlayerNails


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Thanks to GuitarPlayerNails, you can now have durable artificial fingernails that sound and feel as good as natural nails. Most famously used by Grisha Goryachev as well as Eliot Fisk, these nails are starting to make a name for themselves in the guitar community and are becoming widely used by players all over the country.

With an application time of less than 10 minutes, you can apply them yourself and use them on a daily basis. These nails have a wide diversity of tone, great for classical guitarists yet durable enough for steel string and flamenco players.

If you're new to artificial nails, this is a great product to start with as this kit comes with an extensive amount of technical support that is readily available, not to mention several videos to help you get the perfect nail.

It is recommended to start with the wide pre-formed nail for the thumb, and the regular pre-formed nails for the fingers.

***New Kit!

This kit contains enough nail material to make at least 200 nails (previously 60).

The NEW kit includes:

-50 translucent pre-formed nails,
-10 translucent pre-formed extra wide nails,
-one strip of original Instant Nail
-two strips of Instant nail "CR"
-two strip of Instant Nail II
-1 bottle of Bond Tite nail glue
-6" self adhering fiberglass wrap
-5 micro-pipettes
-4 way nail file
-1500 grit sandpaper
-1 manicure stick

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