1982 Jose Ramirez "Estudio" CD/MH


Year: 1982 Top: Cedar
Back & Sides: Mahogany Scale Length: 656 mm
Nut Width: 51 mm Finish: Lacquer
Country: Spain Condition: Excellent


ITEM: 05827


A very charming example of an older, vintage-style Ramirez "Guitarra de Estudio". Made without the cypress lined back and sides normally found in the concert guitars, these estudio guitars were an adaptation of the traditional Ramirez designs. They are known to be lightweight and quick to respond, very easy and fun to play. The sound has a sweet, endearing quality. Apart from a small crack in the back (repaired internally with glue only) the guitar is in excellent condition for its age. Includes hardshell case.

For more information on Ramirez, be sure to read The Ramirez Family: Masters of the Guitar, or for information on the Ramirez family members, from Amalia Ramirez back to Jose I and for some interesting fact-checking on myths and facts about this legendary workshop.

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