2006 Pablo Requena CD/CSAR


Year: NEW Top: Cedar
Back & Sides: CSA Rosewood Scale Length: 650 mm
Nut Width: 52 mm Finish: French Polish
Country: England Condition: NEW


ITEM: 04102


Although born in Malaga, luthier Pablo Requena now resides in East Sussex, England. Building in a very traditional Spanish style, he has great respect for the guitars of the old masters. His instruments feature some of the most spectacular woods and materials we've ever come across, and his workmanship is top-notch. We are proud to be representing Pablo Requena here in the US.

This classical model has extremely dramatically figured rosewood and a perfectly quartersawn cedar top. Reminiscent of many 18th and 19th century instruments, this guitar features an exquisite mother-of-pearl and ebony motif for the rosette. The sound is dense and focused, with excellent clarity for a cedar top. Gorgeous, easy to play and well-balanced from the lowest note to the highest, this instrument is sure to satisfy any performer.

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