Pepe Romero - Live in Granada


Artist: Pepe Romero Running Time: 1:27:00
Category: Performance Label: CPA Hollywood Records
Format: DVD


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Entitled "Celebration of the Romantic Spain", this is a tribute to Isaac Albeniz (1860-1909) and Francisco Tarrega (1852-1909) on the 100th Anniversary of their deaths.

"When I think that one hundred years have already passed since the deaths of the immortal Tarrega and Albeniz, I am deeply moved and I wish to present a program devoted to their music. These composers in the divine hands of my beloved father and teacher, Celedonio Romero, made me fall passionately in love with music, the guitar, and Spain, and made me feel the beauty of life with a vibrant intensity. Their music filled my childhood. I remember when my father and his friends, (who were the pupils of Tarrega, in particular, Rogelio Molina), would spend whole evenings searching for the right tonal color, phrasing and fingerings that would bring out more perfectly the beauty and poetry of the music of Tarrega and Albeniz. I have selected the pieces I most vividly remember my father playing and have grouped them in the way he used to play them. In paying hommage to these two giants, I invite the audience to join me in a journey to my roots to recall with me those memories so deeply engrained in my soul." - Pepe Romero


-Rumores de la Caleta
-Torre Bermeja


-Preludio No. 1 (Preludio religioso)
-Adelta! Mazurca
-Marieta! Mazurca
-Mazurca en sol
-Danza Mora
-Tango Maria
-Capricho Arabe
-Gran Jota two encores

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