String-Plates by Luca Waldner


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Price: $29.99


Tying strings to the bridge has always posed problems both functional and aesthetic.
Over the years, many makers have tried various solutions, sometimes partial sometimes very complicated.
The String-Plates solve all problems, easily and without any changes to the guitar.

The accidental untying or breaking of the strings, especially the trebles, easily give a whiplash to the soundboard, creating deep grooves in the wood. The String-Plates solve this problem because even if the string gets untie or breaks, no whiplash touches the soundboard.

The nature itself of the traditional knot changes the angle formed by the string at the saddle. This is a very important angle for soundboard dynamics and has a direct effect on sound. The String-Plates leave this angle unchanged and equal to itself, as it has been calculated during the construction of the instrument.

The String-Plates do not ruin the cordal block and are in accordance with its design.

In every package there are 6+2 String-Plates.

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