String-Plates by Luca Waldner


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Fixing guitar strings to the bridge has always been problematic both functionally and in appearance. Over the years, many makers have tried various solutions including adding more holes to the tie block, etc. With these String-Plates by luthier Luca Waldner, he seems to have easily solved all these problems, which require no alterations to the guitar itself.

The accidental untying or breaking of the strings, especially the trebles, can easily give a whiplash to the soundboard, creating deep gashes in the wood. These String-Plates solve this problem because even if the string becomes untied or breaks, no whiplashing of the string occurs to the soundboard.

Using these String-Plates also increases the "break-angle" of the string where it exits the tie block and makes its way up to the saddle, which is very important for tone production - as often happens, players lower the saddles on their guitars for increased ease of playability (lowering the action) which can decrease the torque produced by this "break angle". The string plates maximize this critical angle, thereby allowing for both ease of play and quality of sound.

Additionally, the String-Plates are designed not to damage the tie block.

In every package there are 8 (the usual 6 +2 extras) String-Plates.

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