1958 Miguel Rodriguez SP/CY (Romero collection)


Year: 1958 Top: Spruce
Back & Sides: Cypress Scale Length: 656 mm
Nut Width: 52 mm Finish: French Polish
Country: Spain


ITEM: 0601_04


This instrument was one of six guitars from Pepe Romero's personal collection that were featured in a memorable event in the GSI showroom on June 1, 2013. These 7 instruments were chosen in particular since they are the key guitars that have most influenced his son, luthier Pepe Romero Jr., over the course of his life, both before and during his activity as a luthier. The guitars were presented by Pepe Jr. and played by none other than maestro Scott Tennant. This was about as personal a connection with these absolutely historic guitars as one could get, with background stories and information provided by Pepe Jr. who has studied these guitars intimately (and literally lived with them). And to have them played by Scott Tennant in a great-sounding intimate space made this a once-in-a-lifetime concert. Click here to see photos of the event.


The guitars built by the Rodriguez family are among the most desired instruments by collectors, professional performers and guitar aficionados worldwide. The guitars from this famous shop are regarded to be among the most elite in the world, alongside the flamenco guitars of Arcangel Fernandez, Manuel Reyes, and even Marcelo Barbero.

The name "Rodriguez" (guitar maker) has become practically synonymous with the name "Romero" (family of performers) who have played their instruments tirelessly for decades. This particular instrument was the very FIRST Rodriguez ever owned by Pepe Romero. It was purchased for him as a gift from an English woman named "Henrietta" (hence the guitar's name) who was an admirer of the young Pepe and wanted to help contribute to his career which was just starting to take off. Pepe recorded his first two albums with this guitars - both flamenco records (now available on CD), "Flamenco Fenomino" from 1960 (recorded just before Pepe's 16th birthday) and "Flamenco" in 1960 when Pepe was only 18. Listen to him play the 9-minute-long first track from Flamenco, entitled Fiesta en Jerez. Years later, this instrument would be used for several more classical recordings by both Pepe and his father, most notably Pepe used this to record some Boccherini quintets with the Academy of St. Martin In The Fields Chamber Ensemble.

Luthier Bio: Miguel Rodriguez

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