La Leona: Stefano Grondona plays Julian Arcas


Performer: Stefano Grondona Running Time: 58:28
Composer: Julian Arcas Label: Stradivarius
Category: Classical


ITEM: 05174
Price: $18.99


Stefano Grondona performs works by the great 19th century composer and concert guitarist Julian Arcas (1832-1882) on an instrument that Arcas himself played in concerts - dazzling audiences (including a young Francisco Tarrega). This instrument is one of the most beloved Torres instruments on record, the famous "La Leona" of 1856. Included with the CD is a booklet with details of the instruments' history, as well as an overview of Arcas himself and his relationship to this legendary guitar.

Track listing:
1. Fantasia sobre El Paño o sea Punto de la Habana
2. Bolero
3. Polaca fantástica
4. Andante
5. Fantasio:El Delirio
6. Colección de tangos
7. Rondo Andante y Estudio (de Prudent)
8. Andante quasi adagio
9. Estudio: allegro presto

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