2014 Woon Sun Lee CD/MP


Year: 2014 Top: Cedar
Back & Sides: Maple Scale Length: 650 mm
Nut Width: 51 mm Finish: French Polish
Country: Korea Condition: New
Case: Yes Exchange Policy: ExchangePlus


ITEM: 05817B


Korean-based luthier Woon Sun Lee has been drawn to the classical guitar his entire life. Initially pursuing his studies in the guitar as a player, he eventually found his calling in lutherie. After some basic training, he entered an apprenticeship position where he not only built hundreds of guitars, but he also dedicated himself to the study of Bouchet and Torres models, as well as doing restoration work on vintage instruments. After this rigorous period of intense study and work, he established his own workshop in 2009 building only concert-level instruments.

Woon Sun's style is understated, yet elegant and perfectly executed. A look firstly at the carpentry reveals a worker who understands craftsmanship at a very intimate level. From a woodworking point of view, this is a flawlessly made instrument. Some interesting details include an origami-lotus motif in the central band of the rosette - all wood is "long grain" which gives the rosette more "sparkle" in various lighting settings. Also his subtle use of maple in the tie block, central head veneer strip and throughout the purfling frames the guitar beautifully. A very tasteful and unique look.

For tone, his goal is to produce as natural a sound as he can, allowing the woods to be assembled in such a way that they vibrate freely, and be the primary contributors to the sound quality. This particular guitar is made with a cedar top, so it has a lush harmonic richness in the texture of each note, from the bass register up through the highest notes in the trebles. The maple back and sides on this instrument give it an added "warm glow" to each note, giving it a very smooth and warm quality of sound. Although it boasts a weight similar to the Madrid-style makers, it has the loose, quick response found in the southern Spanish schools of Granada and Cordoba. Projection is very strong, and can easily fill any sized room. GSI is pleased to be the exclusive US dealer for Woon Sun Lee, and we can recommend this guitar highly to any discriminating performer of any level.

Photos of this guitar during construction.

Luthier Bio: Woon Sun Lee

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