Kaina Day Cream Nail Treatment


ITEM: 05231
Price: $29.95


This nail cream from Kaina is a nail moisturizer created to sustain healthy finger nails. It has been in development over the past 2 decades by a top Tokyo nail salon. In their efforts, Kaina has focused especially on the ease of use, fragrance and readiness to moisturize at all times. This cream is a nail moisturizer which can be used during the daytime, including office work hours when the skin tends to lose its natural oils. You can use Kaina without wasting cream with the narrow opening tube, which is double-processed for quality preservation. Consisting mostly of plant-based ingredients, this cream has a natural aroma blending a Japanese grown citrus fruit called “Yuzu”, geranium and rosemary. Kaina products do not use artificial colors, parabens, synthetic perfume or flavored materials, silicon polymer, mineral oil or any petroleum surfactant agents.

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