De Oro FiniSHIELD 4-set Multipack


ITEM: 05241
Price: $11.99


Who needs a FiniSHIELD?
If you have a support (any manufacturer) which looses suction and comes off, this is your solution.

Do I need to put it on each time I play?
NO. Put it on once and leave it on. It will not damage your finish.

How does it help?
By creating an ideal smooth surface for the cups, free of dings, pits and scratches.

-No adhesives, attaches securely with static
-Washable and reusable
-Works with all guitar supports

Important Performance Tips:
- For high-gloss finishes only.
-Not recommended for use on Nitro-Cellulose finishes (i.e. Gibson & Martin)
-Clean the instrument surface to be free of any dust or build up.

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