2015 Jerome Casanova SP/IN


Year: 2015 Top: Spruce
Back & Sides: Indian Rosewood Scale Length: 650 mm
Nut Width: 52 mm Finish: French Polish
Country: France Condition: New
Case: Yes Exchange Policy: ExchangePlus


ITEM: 06426


French luthier Jerome Casanova's training and background is in guitar construction, however, he has recently focused primarily on restoration and preservation of antique instruments - a specialty for which he has received numerous awards. He builds three or four guitars each year, but the rest of his time is dedicated to repair work. He works on instruments made by famous makers such as Lambert, Renault and Chatelain, Lacote, Grobert, Martin, Salomon, Roudhloff, Friederich, Selmer, Maccaferri, Fabricatore, Vinnaccia, Pages, Santos Hernandez, Manuel/Jose Ramirez and Ignacio Fleta. He also repairs 1950s-70s American and European guitars such as Gibson, Martin, Fender, Framus, Eko, Hofner, Jacobacci and more.


This model that we have on offer here is of Jerome's design and is a synthesis of the French and Spanish styles he has absorbed in the many years of his restoration work. Jerome sees it as a "contemporary interpretation" of the history of the guitar. He favors lighter built instruments and this guitar indeed is fairly lightweight - Jerome is interested in a build style that is very efficient in the transmission of sound over the surface of the entire guitar. His goal is to allow the guitarist to be able to feel the instrument with no effort, so that he can concentrate on his playing. Sonically it is very lyrical, clear in all registers with excellent separation. Aesthetically, it combines both a sleek design and carefully selected materials. The plantilla, bridge, V-joint neck (with back head veneer) all give this guitar a unique look - at once antique-like yet modern at the same time.

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