Taso: Renaissance/Baroque


Performer: Taso Comanescu Composer: Various
Label: Logos Records Category: Classical


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This album examines the ancestry of the guitar through music originally performed on these four notable instruments: Lute, Vihuela, Theorbo & Baroque Guitar.

"During my formative years playing the guitar, I considered the instrument to be inherently Spanish. As I learned more about my favorite guitarists, such as Andres Segovia, Julian Bream, John Williams, Pepe Romero, Christopher Parkening and David Russell, I found they had enriched the guitar’s core repertoire by commissioning new works and transcribing music originally written for other instruments. Bream, in particular, was devoted to early music and the plucked instruments of the Renaissance and Baroque eras. The intent of this recording is to expose a new generation of listeners to the beautiful variety of music written for four significant predecessors to the modern guitar. While this recording is far from a complete sample, it does offer the listener a brief summary based on my own 21st-century perspective. Many thanks for listening!" - Taso Comanescu

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Track Listing:
Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
1. Lute Suite #4, BWV 1006a: I Prelude
2. Lute Suite #4, BWV 1006a: IV Gavotte en Rondeau
3. BWV 999: Prelude for Lute
Six Lute Pieces (Anon.) arr. Segovia
4. I Preludio
5. II Bianco Fiore
6. III Danza
7. IV Gagliardas
8. V Canzone
9. VI Saltarello
Francesco da Milano (1497-1543)
10. Fantasia V
11. Fantasia VI
Luys de Narvaez (1526- 1549)
12. Fantasia XI
13. Guardame Las Vacas
Robert de Visee (1655-1732)
14. La Musette
Jean-Baptiste Lully (1632-1687)
15. Ouverture
Francois Couperin (1688-1733)
16. Les Sylvains
Robert Johnson (c. 1583–1633)
17. Almain
John Dowland (1563-1626)
18. Allemande
19. Sir John Smith's Almain
Robert de Visee (1655-1732)
20. Suite IX: I Prelude
21. Suite IX: II Allemande
22. Suite IX: III Bourree
23. Suite IX: IV Sarabande
24. Suite IX: V Gavotte
25. Suite IX: VI Gigue

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