Oscar Ghiglia Master Series DVD


Artist: Oscar Ghiglia Running Time: 01:21:09
Category: Performance Label: Guitar Media Collection
Format: DVD (NTSC)


ITEM: 05242
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Guitar Media Collection

Where talent becomes synonymous with art at its purest expression of a strong force made up of instinct, imagination, and of that 'intelligence is used to isolate a particular and at the same time recreating a unified work consistently ... (Giulia Bassi)

Manuel Ponce: Sonata Romantica
Allegro moderato
Expressive Andante
Allegretto vivo
Allegro is not too serious

Manuel De Falla: Tribute

Fernando Sor: The Calm

JS Bach: Prelude

Conversation with Oscar Ghiglia
with Flavio Cucchi and Massimo Raccosta
from the residence of Massimo Raccosta
(The Raccosta collection - Museum of Fine guitars)

Language: Italian and English
NTSC format

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