2007 Dieter Hopf/Manuel Adalid "Artista Membrane" CD/PF


Year: 2007 Top: Cedar
Back & Sides: Pau Ferro Scale Length: 650 mm
Nut Width: 52 mm Finish: Lacquer
Country: Spain Condition: Excellent
Case: Yes Exchange Policy: ExchangePlus


ITEM: 06733


From the Russell Cleveland collection.


Designed by German luthier Dieter Hopf and made in collaboration with Spanish maker Manuel Adalid, this is an innovative instrument that features a unique, "membrane" top - there is a large oval shaped section of the soundboard which encircles the bridge and is thinner than the rest of the surrounding top. This area is braced with a lightweight lattice system topped with carbon fiber. Indeed this area of the top acts as a separate, highly flexible membrane, increasing volume noticeably as a result. It has a very thick, full-bodied quality of sound with even and balanced notes between all registers. Playability is also very easy, and the neck is reinforced which allows for a more accurate setup. Features 20th fret to accomodate repertoire requiring the high c natural. The guitar is in virtually new/near-mint and concert-ready condition.

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