Hoolizer Type C


ITEM: 04531
Price: $59.00


What is the Hoolizer?
The Hoolizer is a small device which is attached to the guitar head using a magnet.
Once attached, it works as a resonator by counteracting the acoustic interferences occurring commonly in string instruments, particularly guitars.
The Hoolizer is available in 2 variations: Type C for classical guitars and Type E: for electric guitars

How does it work?
The patented innovation of Hoolizer is to use liquids in a chamber system to alter vibrations of string instruments.
Liquids vibrate more quickly and at a more rapid frequency than solid objects, allowing the Hoolizer to instantly absorb excess vibration in the head/neck area, as well as functioning as a resonator.
In other words, the Hoolizer converts short bursts of stronger vibrations of the head/neck area into smaller and more long lasting vibrations. The result is a “cleaner” timbre and improved sustain.

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