Harb Plays Sor Studies


Artist: Tariq Harb Running Time: 3:41:00
Category: Performance/Biography Format: DVD


ITEM: 06937
Price: $30.00


In this DVD, guitarist Tariq Harb takes us on a journey exploring the Fernando Sor (1778-1839) classical guitar studies compiled by the great Spanish guitar legend Andrés Segovia (1893-1987). Segovia chose to publish twenty of his favourite Sor studies, and to place them in order of difficulty, length, musical and technical content. Despite them being studies by design, guitarists nowadays find these compositions to be highly musical, and therefore consider them as performance repertoire for the concert stage. From an educational standpoint, these studies serve their purpose well by providing a comprehensive pedagogical bundle of technical and musical tools for the developing guitarist, as well as for the established performer as they do offer exciting challenges for every performance level. All in all, this educational DVD is a journey through the musical mind of one of the most influential and successful classical guitar composers of all time.

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