2017 Dominik Wurth "Torres" SP/CY


Year: 2017 Top: Spruce
Back & Sides: Cypress Scale Length: 645 mm
Nut Width: 51 mm Finish: French Polish
Country: Germany Condition: New
Case: Yes Exchange Policy: ExchangePlus


ITEM: 07068


Born near Freiburg, Germany Dominik Wurth spent his childhood in a small rural village at the foot of the Black Forest. In his earlier years, he learned to make guitars with the aid of books and from Sascha Nowak, who taught Dominik the basic techniques of traditional of guitar making. As Dominik progressed he eventually enrolled at Zwickau University, which is the world's only university offering the study of stringed instruments. He spent several years in the south of Spain, in a small Spanish village in the Alpujarras, near Granada where he interned with Andrés D. Marvi and then opened his own shop. He has recently relocated back to Germany where he builds guitars full time.


This is the first "Torres" model we've received from Dominik, although he has built many - indeed the first guitar he showed us was one of his maple Torres models, based on FE17. Even though Dominik cites Antonio de Torres as his greatest influence (and indeed his regular guitars follow the basic Torres plan), this "Torres" model was also inspired by the feel and response of a Santos Hernandez he saw during a visit to GSI last year. But the structural dimensions and internal details follow that of the larger Torres guitars from both epochs. Dominik has experimented with the inclusion of a tornavoz in this model, and feels that it fits better in smaller-bodied guitars so it was left out of this one. Despite this one being a "full-sized" Torres, it is very lightweight and actually has the tonal characteristics of older, vintage guitars - a dry, woody, textured quality of sound to every note, with the very haunting old-world "pulsation" effect, felt to the player primarily from the specific movement of the back as the guitar vibrates in every register. This is an incredibly charming guitar with plenty of volume for any concert setting, yet at the same time has the indescribably intimate quality of sound found in the old Spanish masters. With this guitar, Dominik has shown his ability to build in a variety of diverse styles - this is unique from anything we've had of his in the past and an incredibly successful tribute to Antonio de Torres.

Photos of this guitar being built.

Luthier Bio: Dominik Wurth

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