2014 Sebastian Stenzel SP/MP


Year: 2014 Top: Spruce
Back & Sides: Maple Scale Length: 650 mm
Nut Width: 52 mm Finish: French Polish
Country: Germany Condition: Excellent
Case: Yes Exchange Policy: ExchangePlus


ITEM: 07155


This instrument, built by German maker Sebastian Stenzel, is a beautiful example of his recent work. Materials are of course superb as always - this guitar being made from a particularly beautiful set of quilted maple for back and sides and a beautiful, quarter-sawn European spruce top. As with all Stenzel guitars, the fingerboard features the compensated fret spacing and relief setup of the Frisch-Stenzel method yielding the best possible intonation. For playability, Sebastian incorporates several modifications to maximize ergonomic ease to the player - including an asymmetrical neck shape for easier access to the higher frets. An additional 20th fret has been added for players requiring a high c natural in their repertoire. Sound is rich and layered. Up front, there is a nice, crisp quality to the attack of every note which really helps give the instrument great clarity and separation. The "body" of the note that follows the attack is thick, full and "creamy" in character. So this combined sound has both big-bodied warmth and clear definition at the same time. It also has a vast range of modulation and sound colors and very good balance. Although used, condition has only the slightest signs of playing wear with no damage or repairs. For aesthetic and tonal qualities, this is a first-rate concert instrument. It is extremely enjoyable to play, hear or simply gaze at!

Luthier Bio: Sebastian Stenzel

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