1977 Miguel Rodriguez CD/PR


Year: 1977 Top: Cedar
Back & Sides: Palo Rosa Scale Length: 654 mm
Nut Width: 54 mm Finish: French Polish
Country: Spain Condition: Excellent
Case: Yes Exchange Policy: ExchangePlus


ITEM: 07207


The classical and flamenco guitars of Miguel Rodriguez have been the favorite pick of many leading concert artists, most notably all members of the Romero family. In actuality, when speaking of Miguel Rodriguez, one is really making reference to a family of four guitar builders spanning three generations.


This is a very interesting Rodriguez, when we acquired the guitar, we noticed something a bit unusual – there is no date or signature on the label! The label is stamped in the lower right corner (so a genuine Rodriguez built by Miguel Jr.), but we thought it might be a good idea to show it to both Pepe Romero (father) and Pepe (son). Pepe Sr. called us after he saw the guitar and told us that the guitar was originally made for him. Pepe remembers the guitar well, and said it was made in 1977. He and his family even named it "La Pastosa" (which means "the smooth" or "the silky" one) - named because this guitar was built without the usual treble stiffener which gives Rodriguez more flamenco kick - this one in turn has a smoother sustain than normal but still has the deep, rich overtone sound of a great Rodriguez. Pepe said that in 1977 he asked Miguel why the label was not dated or signed and Miguel simply said he forgot to do it!

Materials are beautiful as well - the 4-piece cedar top has some beautiful cross grain "aguas" indicating a nicely quarter sawn set and the back and sides are of palo rosa (pink rosewood), a lightweight hardwood that is spectacular for guitar response on tone - indeed Angel Romero used a cedar/palo rosa Rodriguez for his "Bach" and "Cordero" albums. The rosette interestingly is one that was used much more commonly in the 1960s - this iconic "nasrid star" mosaic is a great Rodriguez classic rarely seen in this period. This guitar is simply spectacular - another example of a top guitar that verfies Rodriguez status as one of the historical greats. Very desirable for every reason - its quality of sound, aesthetic beauty and provenance – collector and performer alike will find this to be an extremely exciting instrument to own and play.

Luthier Bio: Miguel Rodriguez

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