Visesnut Case "Stardust Black"


ITEM: 05264
Price: $930.00


The case exterior has a double wall structure to provide enhanced protection. It is designed to withstand significant weight, and to absorb impact from drops and shocks. The double wall structure also acts as insulation that minimizes the effect of sudden temperature changes on the instrument by decelerating the transfer of temperature into the case.

Each Visesnut case features an adjustable support system that will make the case custom fit to your unique instrument. This innovation was developed and patented worldwide by Visesnut. The support system includes a built-in, adjustable support belt, protective padding, and a neck support cushion.

The maximum dimensions of this case are:

Upper bought, 11.10” (282mm)
Waist, 9.53” (242mm)
Lower bought: 14.65” (372mm)
Body thickness at heel: 4.13” (105mm)
Body thickness at lower block: 4.33” (110mm)
Total guitar length: 40.35” (1025mm)

Other Features:

Leather Handle: Every Visesnut case comes with a sturdy handle, handcrafted with genuine leather for flexibility and durability.

High Quality Accessories: We make high-quality stainless steel and metal accessories to complement all Visesnut cases.

Well-Balanced Standing Positions: Guitar cases are designed for horizontal access. However, Visesnut cases are well balanced to stand firmly in either horizontal or vertical positions.

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