Richard Reynoso


Year: 2019 Top: Spruce
Back & Sides: Indian Rosewood Scale Length: 655 mm
Nut Width: 52 mm Finish: French Polish
Country: USA Condition: Excellent
Case: Yes Exchange Policy: ExchangePlus


ITEM: 05838E
Price: $12,000.00


Richard Reynoso is a guitar maker based out of California, USA. His instruments are fully traditional in construction design and largely inspired by the great Spanish makers of the past, but they do offer a voice, personality and look that is entirely his own.

This particular instrument, a spruce-top classical with Indian rosewood back and sides, features his signature carved headstock with dark ebony veneer (which also covers the sides and very top of the head), giving it a very "architecturally" austere appearance which sets the mood for the other matching details throughout. Although Richard never replicates the same combination of design elements in more than one guitar, he does consistently use what we have been calling "neo-art deco" motifs throughout, not just with his use of hard and clean, yet graceful lines and curves, but also in his inlay work. (Please see the short video documentary below for further demonstration of this). The back (and foot) center seams, heel block and rosette (which are works of art in themselves) have drawn their inspiration from a variety of sources ranging from art-deco styled chandeliers to ancient Egyptian jewelry. The curvature around the edge of the rosette is notched on either side of the fingerboard to guarantee an extra clean joint where the fingerboard meets the soundhole. Although the guitar is meticulously French polished throughout, Richard now does an oil finish in the playing area on the back of the neck, which gives a much smoother and natural "feel" for left-hand positions, particularly when shifting.

Sound of this guitar is as bold and solid as its appearance. It has a rich color palette and wide dynamic range. Each note is very dense, with the overtones tightly packed into the firm and well-defined fundamental. There is almost a cathedral-like reverb effect of the sound that emanates from the box, giving the instrument a huge presence - both behind it from the playing position as well as at a distance from a listener's perspective. This is truly a powerful and versatile performing instrument with a rich, robust and very classy sound. GSI is proud to be working with Reynoso and we see much talent in the build quality, tone and feel of his guitars.

Luthier Bio: Richard Reynoso

Orfeo Magazine No. 10 - West Coast Luthiers

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