RC Strings "JG Dynamic White HT" High Tension


Tension: High Category: Classical


ITEM: 05270
Price: $15.99


RC Strings recently developed new trebles provide a pure and delicate sound, faithful to the beauty of the voice of the guitar, in a string that provides extreme tuning stability. This makes them especially advantageous for ensemble settings.

A “pure” powerful sound with enormous projection and clarity. They provide the maximum expression and comfort for any interpretation.

1st E (White) 0,71 mm / .028’’
2nd B (White) 0,81 mm / .033’’
3rd G (White) 1,02 mm / .040’’
4th D (Silverplated) 0,82 mm / .032’’
5th A (Silverplated) 0,89 mm / .035’’
6th E (Silverplated) 1,13 mm / .044’’

"Have you ever thought that you would prefer to focus on the music rather than getting annoyed by the strings losing their pitch? Or desired a string that has a round sound, perfect pitch and ready to play in one hour?
A dream? No, The new Dynamic White strings by RC! I used them in my concert with the Berlin Philharmonic and got a perfect result. Thank you RC."

- Edoardo Catemario
Concerto Aranjuez with the Berlin Philharmonic
December 26, 2016

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