RC Strings "JG Dynamic Carbon" High Tension


Tension: High Category: Classical


ITEM: 05271
Price: $15.99


RC Strings developed a new carbon for the trebles in this set that it calls "dynamic carbon." The trebles are less bright than some other carbon strings, and paired with the silver-plated basses create a nicely homogeneous set. And like all RC Strings, the set undergoes anti-corrosion treatment as part of the manufacturing process in Spain.

RC Strings have been popular in Spain for many years. A limited production line of "boutique" strings, they have been used by Tomatito, Oscar Herrero, Carlos Bonell, Edoardo Catemario, and many other guitarists, both Flamenco and Classical. All the sets are treated against oxidation, and have a strong, well-balanced tone that continues to sound "alive" for longer than most brands. They are also known for holding their tune faster than other makes of strings, a tremendous benefit especially in a performance setting.

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