RC Strings - Complete Nailkit


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Noted for a super quick acrylic patch the RC nail kit uses a unique accelerating agent in the acrylic powder and special silk that promotes quicker set times. This kit can be used 3 ways, for a full strengthening silk and acrylic patch, for a quick reinforcement usign powder and bonding cement alone, or by attaching the artificial nails with bonding cement for replacing or extending a fully broken nail.

"I am most grateful to the RC Nailkit which on one occasion saved the day for me mid-concerto when a nail was badly damaged. Using the fast drying RC resin and cement It only took a few minutes during the orchestral interlude so that I was able to play the rest of the concert with no problem at all, and without missing my entrance." - Carlos Bonell, Concert Guitarist.

Now all guitarists have available a professional and efficient solution that will enable them to devote their entire concentration and their artistic senses to the two most important factors: Their guitar and their music.

A - Bonding cement, 6 gr.
B - Resin powder
C - 20 artificial nails (from 38/64 to 9/32 inch or 15mm to 7mm)
D - Silk, 4 strips
E - File
F - Buffer
G - Brush
H - Orangestick
I - Scissors

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