Augustine "Paragon Blue" - High Tension


Tension: High Category: Classical


ITEM: 04590
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Augustine Paragon HT Classical Guitar Strings, Full Set

Augustine High Tension Fluorocarbon Trebles paired with Classic/Blue High Tension Basses

Paragon brings unique, organic warmth to the crisp, powerful projection of carbon trebles.

A paragon is a diamond without flaw - huge, shimmering, and pristine. The very word "paragon" has a standard of perfection imbued in its definition.

When Albert Augustine developed the first nylon guitar strings, he invented a new standard for guitarists. With initial guidance from Maestro Andres Segovia and an ongoing dedication to excellence that has spanned over seven decades, that standard has been honed to perfection by Augustine Strings.

With the ever-expanding tonal palette of today's greatest guitarists in mind, Augustine is delighted to present Paragon. Paragon Fluorocarbon treble strings deliver a bright, crisp, sound with brilliant projection. Paired with Augustine Classic basses, Paragon represents a modern fusion that rings out with both timelessness and authenticity.

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