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Buyer's Guide

GSI Marketplace specializes in the trading of classical and flamenco guitars by allowing the buyer to interact directly with the seller. We would like to offer you a platform through which you can buy and sell your second-hand guitar. Find your new instrument today!

How can I buy a guitar through the GSI Marketplace?

If you would like to buy a classical or flamenco guitar directly from the seller, the GSI Marketplace is the platform where you will be able to do it safely. We provide escrow services to ensure the integrity of each transaction.

Here are the steps:

1. Any U.S.-based customer can either buy a guitar for the listed price or make an offer for the seller to review.

2. The agreed-upon price for the guitar will be paid in advance through our escrow services.

3. Finally, once the purchased guitar arrives safely at the buyer’s home, then GSI will release the payment to the seller.

What else do I need to know to buy a guitar?

  • First, sign into our website. Get started and use this buyer’s guide to learn more about the GSI marketplace.
  • All listings that appear on the GSI Marketplace are published by private individual sellers.
  • If you are interested in one of the listed guitars, you may either:
    1. Buy it.
    2. Send a note to the seller through our internal messaging system - just click on the “Contact seller” button listed on the product page for each guitar.
    3. Make an alternative offer to the seller - just click on the “Make an offer” button on the product page for each guitar.

How can I make an offer to a seller?

Each seller can decide whether or not to activate the “Make an Offer” button on the listing for each guitar. If the "Make an Offer" button is visible, you can click on it to start the bartering process. It goes as follows:

  1. Make an offer and send any comments to the seller.
  2. Click "I agree to complete my purchase if my offer is accepted".
  3. Click "Submit Offer".

The seller can accept or reject your offer but must react within 24 hours. Otherwise, your offer will expire.

What happens if my offer is accepted within 24 hours?

You will see the new price on the guitar page, and you will be able to buy it. You will have 72 hours to complete your purchase before the accepted offer expires.

What happens If I don't continue with the purchase once I have submitted my offer?

GSI Marketplace tries to avoid this kind of situation. Buyers who repeatedly make offers without following through with the purchase will get their accounts suspended.

If I make an offer, is this guitar put on hold for me?

Yes, but there is an expiration date for every offer. If the seller accepts your offer but you choose not to complete the transaction, other users will then have an opportunity to buy the instrument 24 hours after your bid is accepted.

What classifications are used to describe the condition of the guitar?

A buyer can find new or used instruments through the GSI Marketplace and we categorize used guitars as the following: Like new, Excellent, Very good, Good, and Repaired. The seller must choose one of these classifications to describe the condition of the guitar.

What about shipping?

When the buyer provides us with their shipping details, the system offers different shipping options and prices. Currently, the GSI Marketplace is available only to U.S.-based buyers and sellers.

How much does GSI charge for the service?

There is no additional fee for the buyer. You just need to cover the price of the guitar and its shipping. The seller will cover the commission fee.

How does GSI guarantee buyer's safety?

The seller won't receive any payment until the buyer confirms they received the guitar or 48 hours passed since the delivery of the guitar - at this point, all sales are considered final. If the guitar is damaged or doesn’t match the seller’s description, the buyer can return the instrument via their GSI account before the sale is finalized.